• Bamboo Decking

    Whether residential or commercial, our pre-primed ready to install bamboo decking makes a superior deck.

  • Bamboo Siding

    Our unique system offers the most appealing looking rain screen and cladding siding solution available.

  • Bamboo Panels

    Exterior use bamboo panels opens a world of design creativity and adds a touch of unique character.

  • Bamboo Lumber

    Bamboo lumber is both tough and durable, without some of the inherent headaches of sawn lumber.

  • Bamboo Porch Flooring

    dasso.XTR Bamboo porch flooring is a great value and will give years of performance

What is dasso.XTR Fused Bamboo for Exterior Use?

dasso.XTR are extremely durable bamboo products designed specifically for outdoor applications. It is made through dasso’s own patented fused bamboo process in which natural bamboo is harvested from the bamboo forests at its peak growth, shredded into bamboo fiber, and then fused into dense, durable panels that are milled for decking, lumber, panels and rain screen/siding.

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Accessories designed to finish the job to a professionally exacting standard are available

Products made from dasso's patented processes are handled and installed similarly to other natural, high performance, building materials. Whether its plugs to fill countersunk holes or sealer for exposed cross cuts, we offer the unique accessories and guidance needed to install and finish the job properly.

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Where can I buy dasso.XTR exterior bamboo products?

Click here to get in touch with one of our qualified resellers.

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